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Birds are protected by many laws and regulations. Although pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows are not directly protected by federal law, their control is often strictly regulated by state and local governments. Public opinion is often strongly against any control measure that kills birds, even pest birds. Non-lethal bird control methods include habitat modification limiting food, water, and shelter), exclusion (with netting, porcupine wire, sticky repellents, etc.), and trapping.

Intelligent Pest Management® Bird Control Summary - (Only if you eliminate the nesting and roosting on a building, tree, statue or whatever; will you eliminate bird problems.) Holes - The simple closing of holes in buildings can solve many bird problems. Nest cleanup - Birds can nest deep in dryer vent airflow lines or other openings up to a depth of 15 feet. A simple technique to clean out the nests is to use an industrial vacuum and a flexible copper pipe to slowly pull out the nesting material; then clean the vent with diluted Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint and close off any openings with ½" hardware cloth or place flashing around any other openings, i.e., damaged dock doors that are not in use. Once holes are blocked or netted, the birds will no longer come into the building. Install plastic curtains or nets on any doors that are open all day. The secret to finding the problem may be the top of the dock doors. Wherever there is a 1" or greater gap, birds are able to enter the building. Plastic netting can be used to prevent birds from constantly flying into a warehouse, landfill, court yard, etc. InterNet (1-800-328-8456) has a product line which features a selection of netting from heavy-duty grids to smaller mesh sizes to meet a variety of needs. Bird netting can be ordered in custom sizes or rolls and easily fabricated to fit most building installations and to seal off areas that attract birds. Helpful installation hints are also included in a descriptive application brochure available from InterNet. Hot Foot Mist Nets, 8' x 40', are very fine nets constructed of strong fibers that birds cannot see. The nets have a unique "pouch" construction, when the birds fly into the net, their feathers become entangled, thereby safely immobilizing them for removal. Different mesh sizes are available for birds of different sizes and the nets can be joined together to cover a greater area. If you have any questions call Hot Foot @ 1-800-533-8421. Roosting on ledges can be discouraged by changing the ledge angle to 45o or more. Sheet metal, Styrofoam blocks, wood, stone, etc. can be formed and fastened to ledges to achieve the desired angle.

There are four different types of bird repellents: (1) tactile (touch), (2) sound, (3) odor and (4) visual. For most urban and industrial bird problems, the tactile repellents are the most practical and effective. There are two types: (1) mechanical and (2) chemical. Porcupine wires (Nixalite™ and Cat Claw™ permanent types of mechanical repellents. They are composed of myriad spring-tempered nickel stainless steel prongs with sharp points extending outward at all angles. The prongs are fastened to a solid base which can be installed on window sills, ledges, eaves, roof peaks, ornamental architectural features or wherever birds are prone to roost. The sharp pointed wires inflict temporary discomfort, so birds avoid landing on these surfaces. All ledges and other niches must be completely covered in order for these devices to be completely effective. Wide surfaces may require two or more parallel rows of wires or strings.

Cleaning - Be careful to wear all of the proper clothing and protective devices and then clean up all bird droppings and nesting materials. Then thoroughly power wash with Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint (1 - 2 oz. per gallon of water) to remove stains, odors, ectoparasites and the like.

If you are still having bird problems, &read The Best Control© or The Best Control II© on CD-ROM.


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