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Stephen Tvedten's "The Bug Stop Here"
Copyright and Disclaimer

Copyright 1998 and 2002 by Stephen Tvedten. All rights reserved! 

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The Bug Stops Here is a free booklet that has been compiled for your information and the benefit of you, your family and friends; it is for reference purposes only. It is simply a small part of the information contained in The Best Control and/or The Best Control II and due to its limited size can only cover a few of the thousands of safe and far more effective alternatives the Author has described elsewhere and it can only consider the basic type of pest, such as ants, roaches, rats and other pests that can plague our every day lives. The Bug Stops Here can not and does not consider the individual species and/or conditions, nor can it be used to accurately diagnose individual pest control problems or solutions. The Author freely admits, and continues to do so, that he is not a certified industrial hygienist or graduate physician, entomologist, toxicologist, epidemiologist, chemist, pharmacist or scientist. The amazing thing is, even being so "ignorant," the Author can see the problems with "registered" pesticide poisons. The Bug Stops Here is not intended to prescribe medical or veterinary treatments and can not replace the advice of a health care professional. If you have a medical condition - be sure to consult your physician or veterinarian for medical advice. It is important to remember that when using any alternative, or when making any application of any substance, you should always test spray/wash a small area before doing any total treatment or any large application. All of the alternatives herein have been given only as general use suggestions to replace pesticide poisons. If in doubt, always use the safest method possible, including leaving the problem or situation alone. There is virtually nothing on this earth that can not be misused or will not irritate someone. The Author makes no specific recommendations for any individual situation or person. Unattributed opinions are probably the Author's. The Author and the Publisher assume no responsibility for misadventures related to the use of products and/or procedures mentioned herein. When The Bug Stops Here was being compiled and written on his kitchen table, the Author was aware that in the process mistakes, typographical errors and the like were bound to happen. The Author freely admits this work may contain some misspellings, errors, misconceptions, unsubstantiated, prejudiced, antiquated and/or even misleading data based on the many human conditions that exist. The Bug Stops Here is intended only to begin to show what brought the Author to discard the use of volatile "registered" pesticide poisons after 35 years of pest control work and to find, discover, research, field test, invent and/or try literally thousands of alternative pest control methods that are safer, more effective and less expensive than "traditional poison controls." The Author has field tested these unregistered alternatives in groves, fields, orchards, homes, offices and in over 350 schools, inside and outside, and has virtually eliminated all the pests in all these schools and areas without ever using volatile pesticide poisons. If even 1% of the enclosed pesticide problems and statistics about "registered" pesticide poisons are true, it makes no sense to continue to use them, but the real proof of the accuracy of this manual is not in poison statistics, but in the fact that these safer methods actually have been used to control pests far better than "registered" pesticide poisons do.

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