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Unknown Bites and Stings

If you are bitten or stung and did not see the insect or creature, wash the area with soap and water or a moist aspirin or an antiseptic and call your health care provider immediately, especially if you experience any discomfort. From the symptoms you describe, the nurse or doctor can normally determine if your bite or sting could be poisonous or serious and if you need to be personally examined by a doctor.

Treatment of Minor Animal Bites

Wash the bite with soap and water to remove saliva and any other contamination.
Tincture of calendula or echinacea can be diluted 5 to 1 with warm water to disinfect the site.
Essential oil of tea tree or lavender can be added at a rate of 6 - 8 drops per cup of warm water or put a drop right on the wound or bandage. Oils get into the blood stream quickly.
Open the wound and pour in some 3% hydrogen peroxide until it foams up.
Plantain leaves can be chewed or crushed into a slippery mass and then applied to minor bites and wounds. Apply ice and elevate the area if there is any swelling; to stop bleeding elevate the area above the heart level and cover the entire wound with a clean cloth and press it firmly against the wound.
Call and/or see your medical care provider as soon as possible.

Note: If you are not sensitive, a dropper full of tincture of echinacea can also be given internally every hour for three hours for minor animal bites. Before treatment with any material, be sure you are not sensitive to it.


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