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Conenose Bugs (Kissing Bugs)

This slow-moving bug is dark brown to black with yellow/red markings on the abdomen and measures ½ to 1 inch long. Its body is long with 3 pairs of legs and a cone-shaped head. The conenose bug usually bites and feeds on the blood of its victim when the victim is asleep. Seen in the spring and early summer, it makes its home inside rodent and bird nests. During the day it may hide indoors under furniture or in closets. Put down duct tape, sticky side up and held down with (masking) tape, on the edges to trap these pests.

Signs and Symptoms of a Conenose Bug Bite

The bite can be painful with redness, swelling and itching. Each time a bite takes place, the victim becomes more sensitive. Each bite can then cause a serious allergic reaction that causes itching scalp, palms and soles, welts or rash, nausea, vomiting and breathing problems. Anaphylactic reaction can occur in very sensitive people.

Call your health care provider to determine whether the bite victim can be managed at home or will require medical treatment. If possible, capture the bug in order to confirm the bite was that of a conenose bug.


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