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Arizona Brown Spiders (Fiddleback Spiders)

This small brown spider does have the potential to be venomous. Brown spiders are about the size of a half-dollar, including legs, and are distinguished by a violin or "fiddle" marking on the back of the head. This timid arthropod produces an irregular web. It tends to live in the foothills or desert areas that are dry, littered and undisturbed. There it may seek shelter in garages, wood, dead cactus, pack rat nests, storage areas or trash piles. On rare occasions it may be found in bedding or clothing - but again, only in desert-situated settings. If you believe you have been bitten by an Arizona brown spider, try to capture it and bring it with you to the medical facility. Call your health care provider to determine whether the bite victim can be managed at home or will require medical treatment.



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