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Discussions with Steve Tvedten

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About the 6 Part Series:  The first tape addresses the use of Agent Orange, which was widely used as a defoliant in the Vietnam War.  The video clips in the show, provided by an expatriate living in "clean and green" New Zealand, provides revealing footage with compelling testimony that Agent Orange is still manufactured despite its health dangers.   Other segments of the clip shows a group of demonstrators led by veterans breaking down the gates of a Dow chemical plant, and what is being done to help one of New Zealandís Viet Nam Vets, which appears to amount to nothing!

I. Series Title: Americans Educating America 
Sub-Title: Operation: Save the Environment

Tape 1: Discussion Topic is Agent Orange. 
Tape 2: Discussion Topic is 1080 Poison 
Tape 3: Discussion Topic is the West Nile Virus and mosquitoes 
Tape 4: Discussion Topic is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) 
Tape 5: Discussion Topic is Steve Tvedten's book, the Bug Stops Here. 
Tape 6: Final discussions about the use of safe alternatives to pesticides.

About the 3 part series: an overview Steve's Free book The Bug Stops Here! about the subject of safe alternatives to dangerous pesticides.

The discussions with Steve Tvedten on these shows regarding the use of safe alternatives and the dangers of the use and misuse of poisonous pesticides are an invaluable resource to help educate those who may still use pesticides.

A 3 part synopsis and overview about Steve's book, the Bug Stops Here! 

Part 1: A Brief History 
Part 2: Collateral Damage 
Part 3: Safer and Safer Alternatives 

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