from The Best Control II
by Stephen Tvedten

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If we accept 99.9% as "good enough" - We would have to accept:
  •     one hour of unsafe drinking water every month;
  •     two unsafe plane landings per day at O'Hare;
  •     16,000 pieces of mail lost by U. S. Postal Service every hour;
  •     20,000 incorrect drug prescriptions every year;
  •     500 incorrect surgical operations each week;
  •     50 newborn babies dropped at birth every day;
  •     22,000 checks deducted from the wrong bank accounts each hour;
  •     32,000 missed heartbeats per person per year.

One out of every 2.5 Americans will now get cancer. One out of every 7 Americans is already significantly impaired by synthetic pesticide poisons, which are created for only one purpose, to destroy life. No toxin specifically formulated to kill can honestly be considered safe at any detectable level; there are no safe poisons, only toxic poisons.

We have consistently found that the Intelligent Pest Management techniques we have developed to protect our environment, people and pets have resulted in safer, quicker, better, cheaper and more consistent long-term eradication of all pest problems than poisons ever did!.

The American Lung Association has determined Americans now spend 90% of their time indoors and during the average life span of 70 years a person will breathe from 500 million to 1 billion times. Obviously, quality of ambient air directly can and will affect a person's health and vitality. For more than a decade there have been numerous reports documenting the declining test scores, increased sickness, violence and absenteeism, soaring drop-out rates and other educational failures in our public schools.

The National Educational Association has stated some of the liability dangers, learning and health problems caused by the use of synthetic pesticide poisons, but virtually no school district has really looked into the poor air quality that triggers these and many other negative reactions including mental and physical health and demeanor problems.

Broad spectrum synthetic pesticide poisons are not created to only kill specific insects, plants, rodents, birds and/or fungi, so to call them insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, avicides or fungicides is extremely dangerous, misleading and inaccurate. All these dangerous poisons should be more correctly designated biocides because they kill and/or attack all living organisms, including you. They can not distinguish between good or bad - they just kill life. To deny that these toxins are not harming and even killing us is totally illogical.

According to the World Health Organization 33% of all new and recently remodeled buildings have indoor air quality problems. Pesticide poisons and other toxins masquerade as "counterfeit neurotransmitters" and produce false electrical signals in the brain, so the communication processing of the brain is short-circuited, leading to cognitive, immune and neuro behavioral deficits.

At just one Michigan school system, they have almost a thousand Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) covering the toxins they routinely add to their "learning environment". No one knows what the combined and/or synergistic effect of all these toxins will be but officials from the school system that has students with lukemia would not even discuss the possibility of removing their routine use of volatile synthetic pesticide poisons.

At another Michigan school system, one official stated "that there is no record of any student ever being harmed from the use or even misuse of pesticide poisons"! At another school district, the custodian bragged we will continue to spray pesticide poisons until we are sued - then we will turn the matter over to our insurance company! So, it is not surprising that many educators and school administrators either are oblivious or in denial as to the interrelationship of synthetic pollutants and performance and simply dismiss teacher, staff and student complaints as only flu or cold symptoms, rather than real or actual safety or health hazards that threaten their learning abilities, earning and growth potentials and even their very lives!

The General Accounting Office (GAO) has consistently found the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not always appropriately responding to all cases of illness caused by pesticides and does not have enough information to decide whether or what steps are necessary to protect public health.

Recently, I had an Ohio School Custodian confide to me that even into the 90's his Predecessor fogged the school with DDT whenever he saw a fly - no wonder 5 ladies in that same building have had breast cancer and the Predecessor died of throat cancer - yet no one has ever tested the school building for pesticide contamination!

I also have seen health food stores that sell organic food, spray their stores weekly with volatile, synthetic pesticide poisons and, thus, contaminate the food more than regular food supplies! All of their spraying is also done without notifying the organic customers. No one really knows all of the terrible toxins that are routinely being added to the environment to make it better, much less what terrible consequences their use is causing us and will continue to cause us! In spite of the fact older people, pregnant women and children are more vulnerable to pesticide poison exposure, our government still assesses environmental risk based only on the sensitivity of a 180-pound adult male! As Oliver Wendell Holmes noted, "Even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked."

Please find and use alternative products that are not carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or neurotoxins. Remember, often the reduction of "pest" numbers using poisons will actually create additional or more serious pest problems because you have also destroyed beneficial organisms, predators, parasites or the like. For example, controlling fire ants may increase problems with ticks, fleas and roaches in your yard. Remember, with poison use - less is better; none is best.

Want to avoid poisoning now? - Please read and use the hundreds of safe, intelligent pest management techniques we have developed in The Best Control - order your copy now!

"The Best Control II" is the update you have been waiting for by Stephen Tvedten.   With more than 30 years in the pest control business, Steve has researched and applied the methods of safe  pest management successfully in over 350 schools.  The Best Control II  is easily searched and contains a compilation of information, direction and advice currently being utilized by pest control  experts, schools and individuals all over the country.  It gives step-by-step directions for using common household items and other safe methods of  pest problem solving that can be used to discourage and rid yourself of many of your worst pests.  This do-it-yourself approach can assist you to keep your family, school, business and neighborhood pesticide free.  The methods and materials recommended in this book are referred to as "Pestisafes" as opposed to "pesticides".  Pestisafe is a registered trademark of Stephen Tvedten. 


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